Do you need a VPN to access the website?

Yes, you do need a VPN to access the website in some countries where they do not allow Google. The homepage of Globally Minded Chatter uses Google Maps, which will not load fully without the use of a VPN in those countries.

What is the best way to get in contact with the managing team of Globally Minded Chatter?

The best way to get in contact with the managing team of Globally Minded Chatter is by using the following email address:


How does IB Tips & Tricks work?

On the website, students and teachers can also participate in listening and providing IB Tips and Tricks to others. By participating in this section of the website, they are supporting anyone who is struggling with their school work. To add a tip or trick, the user can click “Ask Question” where they can ask their own question and share their challenge, or they can click on a subject that is already being discussed to gain more tips and tricks themselves. They can even like comments already written by other users.

How does IB Chatter Work?

When the student or teacher creates their own account, they will be able to begin participating in the website’s IB Chatter, a tab for discussion and idea exchange. Here, they can click on any IB Learner Profile and answer questions that other students and teachers have created relative to a specific Learner Profile Trait. They can also “vote” on the answers of others if they agree on someone else’s comment. Participants can also “Ask Questions” of other participants to create conversation, debate, or think. When asking questions, students and teachers should make sure that they are asking appropriate questions and are adhering to the Terms and Conditions of Globally Minded Chatter. Rest assured, the managers of Globally Minded Chatter will moderate everything.

How do you create a profile?

1. Click the top right hand corner button titled “Create your Profile.”
2. On the right hand side of the newly loaded page, the student or teacher will be asked to create a username, e-mail, and password. (This, in part, will allow them free access to the site and ensure everyone’s safe usage.)
3. Once they click “Sign Up,” they will be able to see Step 1, where they are asked to type a title for themselves (their name), and a short description of who they are, what they like, what country they are living in, etc. They are also asked to upload a featured image, also known as a profile photo. Loading a photo that is small in size and MB will allow for a fast upload speed when others look to learn about them.
4. After clicking “Proceed to next step,” they will be asked to insert their location. This will help them to be identified on the homepage map. To ensure safety, their address is not needed. Once they enter their location, every other box on the page will fill in automatically.
5. Once they click “Proceed to next step,” they will see a list of Log-in Questions. These questions should be filled in to the best of the user’s ability so that others can gain a good understanding of who they are and their personality.
6. Once they click another link titled “Proceed to next step,” they will see a button which says, “Done.” They should click this button. Once the account is reviewed by the managers of Globally Minded Chatter it will be activated. This may take up to two days.
7. Clicking on “My Profile” will show that the account is active. Then, they are free to meet, greet, and grow!

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